Touched By The Extraordinary

Extraordinary times call for extraordinary healing.

Life can feel like loss after loss after loss. A loved one (family member, friend, or furry companion) dies unexpectedly. A serious illness turns your life upside down. A child moves away. A marriage ends. Even if none of these losses have touched you–yet–you surely feel the pain and anxiety of living in a time of social and economic shake-up that brings its own set of losses.

Yes, all of us need hope and healing. We long for reassurance that the Universe is safe and loving, that miracles happen, that those who’ve passed on are not lost to us forever. Susan Apollon–intuitive psychologist and author of Touched by the Extraordinary: An Intuitive Psychologist Shares Insights, Lessons, and True Stories of Spirit and Love to Transform and Heal the Soul and Touched by the Extraordinary Book Two Healing Stories of Love, Loss and Hope, has spent a lifetime researching the world that exists beyond our five senses.

Touched By The Extraordinary Book 1Healing Stories of Love, Loss & Hope

Susan’s books, packed with inspiring true stories and evidence pointing to an extraordinary unseen Universe, address some of life’s most pivotal questions:

Besides sharing her healing wisdom through her books, Susan works one-on-one with cancer patients, counsels those who are grieving, and speaks to a variety of audiences.

For Susan’s newest book An Inside Job: A Psychologist Shares Healing Wisdom for Your Cancer Journey click here and be sure to visit her inspirational blog.

While exploring Susan’s websites read with an open mind and heart and you may find the peace, hope, and guidance you need to transform your life.

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