Book Susan Apollon to Speak to Your Organization or Group.

Susan Apollon Speaking at Cancer Support PhiladelphiaSusan Apollon speaks joyfully and passionately to hospital staffs and patients, medical students, college students, and other organizations and groups about everyone’s ability to live full, satisfying lives, be happy, create their own miracles, and heal themselves. Often, she is honored to be asked to serve as a keynote speaker.

In addition, Susan conducts a rich variety of workshops and seminars that provide a blend of her contagious enthusiasm with her tried and true methods and interventions for energetic, physical, psychological and spiritual healing, empowerment, and creating a joyful and healthy life.

Susan is happy to speak and conduct interactive sessions on a variety of topics ranging from cancer, grief, integrative medicine, healing, love, near-death experiences, angels, prayers, and miracles. Here are just a few of the topics she can address:

On Healing from Illness…

  • Cancer: The Gift that Keeps on Giving
  • How to Create Extraordinary Healing through Energetic Thoughts, Intentions, and Love
  • How to Use Your Thoughts, Beliefs, and Intentions to Empower Your Immune System
  • From Illness to Wholeness: Secrets to Creating Balance and Well-being
  • But What if I Don’t Heal Physically? Exploring the True Meaning of Healing
  • Healing: What Love Got to Do with It?
  • What and Why Do We Integrate in Integrative Medicine?

On Regaining Joy and Peace…

  • Tips for Shifting Suffering and Pain to Joy, Peace and Comfort
  • Learning Selfishness: How to Give Yourself Unconditional Love
  • Finding Your Way Back to You (After an Illness, Loss, or Heartbreak): The Secrets of Becoming Whole Again
  • How Doing What You Love Supports Your Immune System and Your Body’s “Healing Team”
  • The Healing Power of a Loving, Supportive Community

On Grief…

  • The Healing Power of Your Tears, Laughter, Hugs and Music
  • Grieving Your Way to Wholeness
  • The Energetic Healing Power of “Loving Forgiveness, Detachment and Surrender!”
  • The Energetic Healing Gifts of Prayer, Love, Meditation, and Forgiveness

On Extraordinary Experience

  • Surprise Endings: Why Death is Never Really the End
  • Whispers of the Afterlife: A Reassuring Narrative of the Soul’s Journey to Heaven
  • How Stories of Angels, Prayer and Miracles Influence Your Healing Journey
  • Angels, Prayer, Kittens and Puppies: Making the Most of your Cancer Comforters