Here’s What People Are Saying About An Inside Job...

Susan’s book is filled with the wisdom survivors learn from their experience of cancer. Their wisdom can be utilized to help you fulfill your potential and heal your life while eliminating your disease. Getting well against all odds is not a spontaneous remission. It is self-induced healing. Susan shares what changes you need to make in your life to have that happen. It is about how transformation and harmony in your life gives your body a “live” message and induces a state of healing of your life and curing of your disease.

Bernie Siegel

MD, author of The Art of Healing and Faith, Hope & Healing

After three decades as a psychologist working in the service of cancer patients, Susan Barbara Apollon has become a wise and seasoned scout. In this wonderful guide, she shows
you how to make the choices and mobilize the energies that will empower you—physically, psychologically, and spiritually—on this journey in ways you never imagined were possible. It is a must-read for patients and practitioners alike.

Donna Eden and David Feinstein

PhD, Co-authors of Energy Medicine and The Energies of Love

Physicians cannot hope to fully comprehend, only to be able to empathize with, the unimaginable challenges faced by patients with a new or prolonged diagnosis of cancer. The search for solace and understanding is complex and daunting. An Inside Job examines these matters from all angles, and allows all who are confronted with the diagnosis of cancer to explore the myriad of challenges and mechanisms of not just “coping”, but coming to a greater understanding, and in the end, making their own peace with the diagnosis.

The book’s greatest strength is its diversity, which allows the reader to explore those matters most relevant to themselves, and to read stories of others who may have been similarly challenged. In the end, the recurring theme is that one is never truly alone on their journey. Under the worst of circumstances, such a book can be a wonderful companion.

Kevin R. Fox

MD, Professor of Medicine, University of Pennsylvania Perelman School of Medicine, Medical Director, Rena Rowan Breast Center

This book is a compendium of novel insights and wisdom. By illustrating truths through the literal voices of her patients, Susan Apollon has offered a novel algorithm for both patients and physicians alike. It should accompany every patient on their journey.

The collection of stories is inspirational. Chapter Seven, “Allow Yourself to Grieve” opens up with a guide for those of us who provide medical oncology care. But I particularly like Chapter 22, which discusses what healers want you to know, as this is an essential offering.

The individual subtitles and metaphors for each chapter are well chosen, as are the anecdotes, poems, homilies, and sentiments which are thoroughly explored. All emphasize hope for healing.

To summarize, “hope is not a strategy, but no strategy can work without it. Without hope, every path is uncertain, but with it every journey is inspirational.

Michael Nissenblatt

MD, Regional Cancer Care Associates, Central Jersey Division, Oncology and Internal Medicine, Clinical Professor, UMDNJ-Robert Wood Johnson Medical School

I’ve had the pleasure of referring patients to Susan to help them heal from their breast cancer diagnosis, and also from other adversities they have encountered in their lives. Through this book, Susan has graciously offered her amazing wisdom and insights to those who may not be able to work directly with her. Although the book is dedicated to those who have encountered cancer in their life journey, I found it to be applicable to life adversities in general as well. I look forward to offering it to friends and family members to help them navigate the journey of life, and gain skills and tools to guide them along the way. The most sincere thanks to Susan for this wonderful gift!

Catherine D. Carruthers

MD, FACS, ABIHM, Comprehensive Breast Cancer Surgeon, Holy Redeemer Hospital and Medical Center, PA

Susan Apollon has written a beautiful book that not only underscores the meaning and importance of true healing from a cancer diagnosis, but also creates a path for patients to obtain it. An Inside Job is filled with practical advice and interwoven with countless touching patient stories. I highly recommend An Inside Job to help navigate the emotional, spiritual, and physical journey of every patient facing the fear and uncertainty of cancer.

Pallav Mehta

MD, Oncology, Hematology, Integrative Medicine, Director of Integrative Oncology, MD Anderson Cancer Center at Cooper

Life-changing and potentially life-saving. If you have cancer, read this book cover to cover, over and over!

Susan Silberstein

PhD, Founder and Director, The Center for Advancement in Cancer Education and

The paths of those with cancer as well as their caregivers, can be arduous and stressful. Susan shares her Love, Compassion, and Insight, and like an Angel by your side, offers guidance on the journey to healing.

Robert Sasson

MD, Pediatrician, Newtown, PA, associated with Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia

Susan’s integrative approach to healing and wellness is useful for everyone, everywhere; whether or not they are dealing with cancer or a multiplicity of life’s issues. We all need sources of wisdom, warmth, and a wealth of knowledge. Susan Barbara Apollon has provided all of this and more with her new book, An Inside Job.

Bonnie Frank-Carter,

PhD, Clinical Psychologist, Wayne, PA

Western medicine, with its ever expanding body of research on the mind-body connection, is finally catching up to what many kinds of healers have been saying for a long time: that energy pervades the mental, physical, and spiritual, and that this energy can be harnessed to heal. An elder stateswoman of the mind-body healing movement, Susan’s voice has always been clear and heartfelt. Now, as time and science have marched on, her message is beautifully coalescing with so many others’ accounts of healing. An Inside Job is her most recent invaluable contribution to the field.

Eric Levin

PhD, Clinical Psychologist, Philadelphia, PA

An Inside Job is authentic and wonderful. It immediately pulled me in, making me comfortably feel that someone has my back and that I am not alone. The book offers much for its readers, including exercises which helped me to feel better through my cancer journey, and stories which touched my heart and felt so familiar. Reading An Inside Job is like bringing Susan into your home, with her warmth, wisdom, and guidance to help you wherever you may be on your road to healing.

Fiona Havlish

breast cancer Survivor and Thriver, Author of In Full Voice: Shedding the Labels that Silenced Me

Susan Apollon has truly captured the essence of the mind-body-spirit therapeutic approach that we all should look to in promoting wellness when challenged with a cancer diagnosis. She presents us with a gift of hope and the reality of survival while sharing her personal stories and the exquisite stories of the many patients she has treated over the years. She invites all of us, whether or not we are impacted by cancer, on a self-discovery journey leading us to toward emotional, physical, and spiritual healing. She intentionally challenges all of us to explore integrative medicine and apply many of these tenets that will help heal our bodies and our minds. However, this book is much more than just a repository for relevant clinical resources to be utilized by patients and caregivers. Susan Apollon has created a masterful combination of honesty, empathy, and guidance not only for those living with cancer, but for all of us; in hopes that we abide by her insights and truly prosper in harmony within ourselves in order to live our lives with clarity.

Denah Appelt

PhD, Professor of Neuroscience, Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine

Enormously helpful and educational in both the physical and emotional aspects of living with cancer—and written with unusual warmth and understanding—An Inside Job also includes interesting clinical histories—all of which support the author’s significant insights. I most highly recommend An Inside Job.

Caroline Koblenzer

MD, Dermatology, Psychiatry, Clinical Professor, Cooper Medical School of Rowan University

An Inside Job is truly a testament to the importance of supporting cancer patients and their caregivers in every way. Additionally, it empowers patients to help themselves. It is a wonderful story about healing for all!

Neha Vapiwala

MD, Associate Professor, Advisory Dean, University of Pennsylvania Perelman School of Medicine

The inspirational work of Susan Apollon continues in her latest gift of heartfelt sharing. This loving guide on survivorship is filled with hope, compassion, and encouragement. Each page offers insightful pearls as well as stories of courage and healing. Susan provides invaluable techniques to help those on the journey of healing as well as their caregivers and their healers. Once again, Susan’s gentle hand and nurturing soul connects us to her timeless wisdom. This is a required reading for all healers and those they touch.

Amy Harvey

MD, Gynecology, Obstetrics, Center for Women’s Health, Langhorne, PA

I found this book to be extraordinarily valuable. It makes multiple suggestions on how one can develop a positive outlook despite the fear and concerns created by the diagnosis of cancer. This is an invaluable tool in aiding a patient to control the situation.

Michael Casey

MD, Pennsylvania Pulmonary Medical Associates, Pulmonology, Critical Care, and Internal Medicine, Clinical Professor of Medicine, Penn Medicine, Pennsylvania Hospital

I smiled as I read An Inside Job. I believed my angels were reminding me to continue using the valuable tools that Susan has taught me. I hope those who read this beautiful book will incorporate Susan’s guidance and tools to help in overcoming the challenges they may face, as well as to experience peace and healing from the inside out.

Marcy McCaw

breast cancer Survivor and Thriver, Lymphedema Specialist and Physical Therapist, Holy Redeemer Health System, PA

The body can be cured, but are we healed? Through Susan’s evidence-based knowledge and heartfelt stories, she takes us on a journey and teaches us that acceptance of an illness is not a surrender or defeat, but an invitation to more deeply love and heal the self.

Jodi Hutchinson

Director of Integrated Medicine and Wellness, Holy Redeemer Health System, PA

Susan Apollon’s book, An Inside Job, gives spiritual and emotional direction to people going through life’s journey with cancer. It fills a large gap in treatment that medicine and therapy often miss.

Jeffrey Herman

DO, Psychiatrist, Southampton, PA

Cancer has been a long battle for me; although I survived the first diagnosis, the current cancer has made the war more difficult. Susan’s book, An Inside Job, is an inspiration to all who have had cancer, to those who live with it every day, and to caregivers and health care workers. This book is a recommendation and reference for all those whose lives are touched by cancer. Thank you, Susan.

Andrea Nord-Tankin

PA-C, MPH, Survivor of T Lymphoblastic Leukemia and presently challenged by Myelodysplastic Syndrome (MDS) with monosomy 7. Assistant Professor, Arcadia University