Healing Stories of Love, Loss and Hope...

Ordinary Human Beings Find Extraordinary 
Hope and Healing in the Midst 
of Grief and Loss

This Book Shares a Few of Their Stories

Sooner or later, if we live long enough, most of us will feel the profound pain that comes with losing a friend or family member. But grief isn’t all tears and suffering. It’s also a pathway to spiritual growth, the birth of hope, and a deeper capacity for peace and joy.

In this powerful follow-up to her first book, Touched by the Extraordinary, Susan Apollon shares a collection of real-life stories from people she’s encountered—stories that reveal the gifts that spring up and flourish in the harsh terrain of loss.

The book explores questions like:

  • Do we receive signs and messages from loved ones who’ve crossed over?
  • What’s really going on when someone has a Near Death Experience?
  • What happens when an animal companion dies?
  • What is intuition and what gifts does it bring to our lives?
  • Are angels real? And how do they help those who encounter them?
  • Do prayers really get answered, bringing us peace, healing, and practical solutions?

Not only does this wonderful collection of stories inspire hope and healing, it’s filled with down-to-earth wisdom on how to navigate loss of every type.

Whether You Read or Listen, These Stories
Calm Your Anxiety and Inspire Peace

Touched by the ExtraordinaryBook Two is printed in a streamlined “gift book” format for easy portability. Drop it into a handbag or briefcase and read it during commutes, on flights, or in waiting rooms.

The book is also available as an audio book (CD and MP3 format) read by the author. Listen to it as you drive to work, walk for exercise, or wait for medical appointments. The format is especially helpful for sick or elderly people who may find it difficult or even impossible to read.

As you listen to her read these inspiring true stories, Susan Apollon’s calm, soothing voice alleviates your fears, raises your energy to a higher vibrational level, and leaves you feeling better physically, emotionally, and spiritually.


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