So many of you have expressed your interest in my participation in Erin Ley’s global online event. THRIVE ONWARD AND UPWARD WITH CANCER: Instantly Boost Your Quality of Life Post-Diagnosis. Many have asked if they might be able to replay some of the speakers, or even, if they missed them the first time, have an opportunity to hear them speak.

Thanks to cancer survivor and thrivor, Erin Ley, the creator of the Cancer Telesummit, the 21 speakers, including myself, will be available for you to hear during a 72 hour replay on March 8, 9 and 10.

To take advantage of this, please register here at to hear the 72 hour REPLAY of all 21 interviews. If you have already registered for this online event and have been receiving the Daily E-mails regarding the interviews, you will automatically receive the e-mail notification about this 72 hour replay window of opportunity. If you have not yet registered, and you wish to improve your health and healing, I encourage you to sign up for this event. I do feel that what you will hear has the power to motivate you, inspire you and enable you to experience major beneficial life changes.

I have spent the past 30 plus years working with those who are dealing with life- threatening illnesses, including cancer. And, I have learned that there are many factors which contribute to the evolution of an illness, which is why I choose to think of healing as an inside job.

Yes, positivity is something that is good for you when you are challenged by an illness such as cancer. But, positivity is not enough. What is needed for true restoration of peace and balance is the combination of an upbeat, positive perspective with becoming aware of and releasing (letting go of) the pain and suffering your cells have held onto for a lifetime – and combining this with an awareness of how nutrition, environmental and relationship factors also impact your health.

The speakers you will hear will share their valuable perspectives (based on their own life-experiences and their research) about how to help you create well-being. Their stories will validate much of what I have learned and will offer new insights into healing as well. They will empower you, especially if you are among those who have gone through your treatments and are not just surviving but thriving. This summit is all about what you need to move onward and upward, as well as to thrive well.

I was honored that Erin asked me to be one of the 21 expert speakers. I have dedicated my life to enabling those diagnosed with life-threatening illnesses to reclaim their power, confidence and belief in their own healing abilities and their ability to understand that healing is about the relationship of mind, body and spirit. This summit is a way I can support you on your journey. My heartfelt gratitude to Erin for providing all of us with this opportunity.
Susan Apollon and Erin Ley


Wishes of Warmth and Love,

Susan Barbara Apollon