I am writing to remind you of my invitation for you to be a part of an extraordinary, FREE WORLDWIDE TELESUMMIT. This event is designed to enlighten and support you if you or a loved one have been diagnosed with cancer.

Countless women, including myself, know how it feels to receive a diagnosis of breast cancer. Feelings of fear, concern, confusion, and even helplessness are overwhelming. In these situations, we wish for a team of highly respected experts who can provide us with needed guidance and direction. Thanks to Erin Ley, such a team exists for everyone with cancer.

Erin Ley, is a single mother who was diagnosed with Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, told she would die, and, yet, she lives and thrives! Erin has dedicated her life to helping those with cancer live a full and rewarding life.

She is the host of the new online interview series, THRIVE ONWARD AND UPWARD WITH CANCER: Instantly boost Your Quality Of Life Post-Diagnosis. Erin passionately makes a difference in improving the quality of life of those who have survived their diagnosis and who want to live a balanced, peaceful, harmonious life.

Erin recently invited me to participate in this collective effort. I am honored and grateful to her to be a part of this team of experts. The telesummit presents a group of experts who wish to provide you with the most up-to-date information regarding your options for prognosis, fitness, a healthy mind, body and spirit connection, and whatever you need to meet your personal challenge with cancer. They are an amazing group of teachers. I intend to be listening with you!

I bring to this telesummit information and wisdom garnered from 30 years of working with men and women diagnosed with cancer. Using an integrative psychological and oncological approach, I have worked to support and empower my patients by providing them with guidance, inspiration, comfort, hope and a deeper understanding of the mind, body and spirit relationship.

Erin has gathered a group of 21 experts who wish to increase the quality of your life and enable you to experience greater peace of mind and well-being. They will share with you powerful information, precious wisdom and personal stories that will surprise, move and inspire you. And, each expert will be offering you a FREE GIFT to assist you on your journey.

When I learned that this event intended to help cancer patients not only to survive, but also to thrive, I was eager to participate along with many other experts and share my knowledge with you.

If you are in any way challenged by cancer, or wish to know more about how to be well, go to www.erinley.net/sapollon for free access to this world-wide event. It begins February 15th and runs for 21 days.

The telesummit is FREE and has the power to help you create miracles of all kinds! This even has the power to possibly change the course of your life! www.erinley.net/sapollon

Here is a list of the speakers:

  • Dr. Bernie Siegel
  • Victor Wedel
  • Kristen Hagopian
  • Avinoam Lerner
  • Diana Jordan
  • Beth Greer
  • Dr. Leigh Erin Connealy
  • David Tabatsky
  • Darren Neuberger
  • Susan Apollon
  • Leyla Ali
  • Andrew Schorr
  • Danielle Duperret
  • Cheryl Meyer
  • Denise Povernick
  • Leticia Croft-Holguin
  • Bill Aron
  • Tari Prinster
  • Jennifer Manning
  • Gigi Belmonico
  • Jenny Wieneke

Susan Apollon and Erin Ley

With so much love,

Susan Barbara Apollon