I remember how I felt when I received the diagnosis of breast cancer. I was frightened, numb, shocked and confused. I was also flooded with thoughts such as: Where do I go for help? and Am I going to be alright? After treatment, I had more questions, including: Will this return? and What do I need to do to stay healthy?

I wish I had available to me at that time a team of experts to whom I could turn to answer my questions. If you now find yourself in a similar situation, such a team of experts is available

Meet Erin Ley, a cancer survivor and single mother of three children, who was told she was going to die from Non –Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. Erin did what she had to do to both survive and thrive and has devoted her life to supporting those with cancer, the cancer cause, and doing her best to bring us closer to a cure.

Erin is the creator and host of the new online interview series, “THRIVE ONWARD AND UPWARD WITH CANCER: Instantly Boost Your Quality Of Life Post-Diagnosis!” I am honored and grateful to her for asking me to be a part of this powerful movement.

Susan Apollon and Erin Ley

As a psychologist and author (An Inside Job: A Psychologist Shares Healing Wisdom for Your Cancer Journey and An Inside Job Companion: Making Healing Personal) who has specialized in oncology and wellness for over 30 years, I receive many invitations to speak and participate in online events. I am careful to accept only those that allow me to add value to my audiences’ lives.

When I learned that this event intended to help cancer patients not only to survive, but also to thrive, I was eager to participate along with many other experts and share my knowledge with you.

This interview series is for those with cancer and similar life-threatening illnesses and their loved ones – all of whom are seeking options regarding prognosis, goals, the mind-body-spirit connection, health, happiness, and whatever you can do to help empower yourself.

There are 21 EXPERTS PARTICIPATING in THIS WORLD-WIDE EVENT who are offering their personal stories and expertise, as well as OFFERING YOU FREE GIFTS in your endeavor to live a more fulfilling and peaceful life. I will be listening and learning along with you!

If you feel this Telesummit will empower and assist you in meeting your cancer challenge or that of a loved one, please share this invitation with them. The Telesummit will run for 21 days, beginning February 15, 2018.

Here is the list of the Summit speakers:

  • Dr. Bernie Siegel
  • Victor Wedel
  • Kristen Hagopian
  • Avinoam Lerner
  • Diana Jordan
  • Beth Greer
  • Dr. Leigh Erin Connealy
  • David Tabatsky
  • Darren Neuberger
  • Susan Apollon
  • Leyla Ali
  • Andrew Schorr
  • Danielle Duperret
  • Cheryl Meyer
  • Denise Povernick
  • Leticia Croft-Holguin
  • Bill Aron
  • Tari Prinster
  • Jennifer Manning
  • Gigi Belmonico
  • Jenny Wieneke



Wishing you blessings of peace,  well-being and love always,

Susan Barbara Apollon