Lost Someone Close To Me

He was a medical student and caring for a child who, despite all his efforts, was dying. He went to bed one evening feeling helpless regarding his ability to help his young patient – and trying to understand why the child had to die. Not long after falling asleep, a light so bright that it felt as though the sun ere shining into his room awakened Oski. As he opened his eyes, a beautiful winged young woman stood before him . . . “The angel . . . said that life is an endless cycle of improvements and that humans are not perfect yet. she said that most people have this secret revealed to them when they die, but that handicapped children often know this and endure their problems without complaining because they know that their burdens will pass. Some of these children, she said, have even been given the challenge of teaching the rest of us how to love. (p. 83)

A presence can take many forms – physical and nonphysical. According to Larry Dossey, M.D., in Reinventing medicine: “Presences seem to precipitate from another dimension. They may be sensed as a person with a particular identity, as an ethereal ‘being of light,’ an angel, or as an ‘immaterial something’ that is impossible to describe . . . The presence may serve as an indication that perhaps the soul has survived, may be immortal and therefore continues to live…we may be reunited with a loved one at some point in the future. (p. 27)

These excerpts are from Touched by the Extraordinary: An Intuitive Psychologist Shares Insights, Lessons, and True Stories of Spirit and Love to Transform and Heal the Soul.


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