Healing Stories of Love, Loss & Hope Reviews & Praise

A Review by Edie Weinstein MoserMSWLSW,
posted at https://www.beliefnet.com, of
Touched by the Extraordinary Book Two,
Healing Stories of Love, Loss and Hope.

I would venture a guess that there isn’t a person reading this who has not lost someone close to them. Wondering how many have had communication with those loved ones and are willing to acknowledge same without feeling as if they are hearing the music to The Twilight Zone playing in the background.

Intuitive Psychologist Susan Barbara Apollon has birthed a new book entitled Touched By The Extraordinary Book Two: Healing Stories Of Love, Loss & Hope. It is filled to overflowing with intimate descriptions written by those whose after-death encounters have brought them a sense of peace. Some were penned by Apollon, others by those she knows personally and professionally, including three others of my friends Natalie Kaye, John Harricharan and Dr. Beth DuPree. All are intelligent, credible professional people whose open hearts and minds allowed for verbal and symbolic messages to come through to them.

Some of my favorite sections of the book shine a light on intuition; trusting the inner guidance that we sometimes ignore, angels who are there awaiting our call for assistance and answered prayers, that sometimes come in unexpected ways.

Apollon’s personal style invites the reader into the lives of those who generously shared their anecdotes. Her work bridges the mainstream and the metaphysical and her therapeutic specialty is in service of those who have experienced trauma and loss. As a grateful breast cancer survivor, Apollon has faced death and emerged with a stronger sense of who she is and of her purpose in this lifetime.

In the 12 years since my husband’s death and 2 ½ years since my father’s passing, I have received many messages that could have their place in this book. Some have arrived in the form of dreams; quite vivid and colorful, others via verbal messages that show up in the quiet moments and still others through found objects, including an event that occurred two years after Michael’s transition. My son and I had been standing in the side yard with a landscaper neighbor. I was asking him about removing a few trees which had succumbed to a scorching drought. As he gazed upward at the no longer-evergreen tree, he reached in between the withered branches and pulled out an amazingly intact L.L. Bean sports watch that I had given to Michael many years earlier. I had asked my son Adam if he had put the watch there and with a bewildered look in his eyes, he shook his head. The watch had been quite a distance up the tree, too high for my 6 foot tall husband to have gotten it caught in the branches. It was not waterlogged or rusted as I would have imagined it to be had it been exposed to the elements. It showed up a day after my 42nd Birthday when I had asked for a message from Michael AND the time on the watch when it stopped was the same as time of death on 12/21/98.

Touched By The Extraordinary Book Two ,Healing Stories of Love, Loss and Hope offers the invitation to step beyond the ‘norm’ into a world in which loved ones remain a constant in our lives; a loving presence even in the absence of the physical.

Healing Stories of Love, Loss, and Hope is food for the soul—I simply couldn’t put it down.”

~Christiane Northrup, MD
Ob/Gyn Physician; Author of the New York Times bestsellers
Women’s Bodies, Women’s Wisdom and The Wisdom of Menopause

“These accounts of love, loss, and hope prove that, although life breaks many of us, we can grow stronger at the break. Love and our connection with a transcendent power have healing effects that we often underestimate, as these inspirational stories show.”

~Larry Dossey, MD
Author of The Power of Premonitions

“Inspired and inspiring, Healing Stories of Love, Loss, and Hope by psychologist and grief counselor Susan Barbara Apollon is highly recommended reading, especially for those who could benefit by the comforting example of others who have had to deal with life’s inevitable tribulations. While ideal for the non-specialist general reader trying to cope with personal or family adversity, professionals working in the area of grief counseling would be well advised to have access to this material in behalf of their clients and/or patients.”

~James A. Cox
Editor of The Midwest Book Review

“This is a book that you will never put away as it will lift your spirit and soul on a daily basis.”

~Beth Baughman DuPree, MD, FACS
Breast Surgeon and Author of The Healing Consciousness: A Doctor’s Journey to Healing

“Having a guide to show us how death fits into life, how not to just survive but flourish in these desperate times, is so important. Susan is the consummate guide. You can feel Susan’s warmth literally radiating from these pages.”

~Eric Levin, PhD
Clinical Psychologist in Private Practice
Clinical Assistant Professor, Dept. of Psychology, Drexel University

Touched by the Extraordinary, Book Two is beautiful, moving, and will provide much-needed guidance to those dealing with grief after loss of a loved one. Susan has given us yet another spiritual gift to share with our patients to help them in their healing journeys.”

~Amy Harvey, MD
Physician of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Langhorne, PA

“Susan Apollon’s new book lovingly carries her readers from stories of unbearable loss to the gateway of hope and personal renewal. Insightful and compassionate, Apollon helps share the journey of life to death and to answered prayers. A tender and helpful contribution to all concerned with spiritual healing.”

~Lance J. Sussman, PhD
Senior Rabbi, Reform Congregation Keneseth Israel, Elkins Park, PA; Visiting Professor, Dept of Religion, Princeton University

Touched by the Extraordinary, Book Two! What a gift! What a treasure!…All those true stories of life and the after-life…serve to bring us hope and remind us that ‘Life is Forever!’ Thank you, Susan. We, your readers, appreciate you.”

~John Harricharan
Author and International Speaker

“I wish I had known Susan when my father passed away. Though it has been fifteen years since his death, reading her book has been very therapeutic for me in dealing with my loss. Touched by the Extraordinary, Book Two is filled with stories that can assist in the healing process.…It will provide peace and hope for so many.”

~Jeffrey Herman, DO
Psychiatrist, Southampton, PA

“In Touched by the Extraordinary, Book Two, Susan Apollon’s poignant, powerful stories about loss and hope help us to remember we are connected to something beyond ourselves—something unseen but real, something transcendent and true, a spiritual cord that ties us to that Divine Source and to each other.”

~Rabbi Elliot Strom
Congregation Shir Ami, Newtown, PA

“These stories are not only a balm for the soul and heart, but a real-life endorsement of the power of love, healing, and hope.…Everyone in some way can benefit from this wisdom.”

~Jill Samo, PhD
Clinical Psychologist in Private Practice, Ewing, NJ

“This is a beautiful book filled with compassion and understanding, compiled by a very loving and wise old soul. I highly recommend it.”

~Yanni Maniates Author of Magical Keys to Self-Mastery
Coauthor of Intuition Is Easy and Fun

Reading the words of others reinforced my belief that those who have passed, so fiercely loved, are with us always. Your twelve suggestions for healing are wonderful!…Your words about grief and grieving touched me deeply as I am reminded of my sense of loss and grieving for the slow disappearance of my mother over the years from her Parkinson’s. Thank you for the permission to feel this; it is truly comforting!”

~Beryl Katz
Founder of S.A.G.E. (Senior Adults for Greater Education)

“In her inimitable style, and through her pure expression of love, Susan sees us through the eyes of an angel, sharing with us stories to help us through our journey of life. Her stories aid and support us through the difficult passage we face in our dealings with life’s challenges.”

~Robert Sasson, MD Pediatrician, Newtown, PA
Author of Visions of Thought

“If you have ever suffered the intense, hollow pain of loss or grief, or experienced the yearning to feel the presence of your departed, this collection of firsthand stories is a comforting balm for your soul.”

~Anita Bergen
Author of Life and Other Options

“The true nature of the mind is luminescence and love. Touched by the Extraordinary, Book Two shows us how Divine Consciousness manifests in our lives, always knowing we are love.”

~Sandra Esner
Director of Angels Without Wings

“Susan guides us with the compassion and healing we all need and are called upon to offer to others. Her sense of God’s presence and purpose for each of us and her respect for others and their spirituality are the strength of her hope and healing.”

~Father Larry Snyder
Episcopal Priest

“These pages are sacred. Within them you will discover that we are never alone and that there is a Divine Purpose in our being here. There is an eternal quality to Susan’s lessons.…Keep it in a safe place and read from it often…a gentle reminder that the peace found in the moment, and healing, is but a thought away.”

~William E. Hablitzel, MD
Author of It Was Only a Moment Ago and Dying Was the Best Thing That Ever Happened to Me

“I want to thank you for Touched by the Extraordinary, Book Two, as a book and on CD. You did an excellent job on both counts and as a professional in speech on radio and doing voice overs, your delivery is so well done. What is most important, you speak straight from your heart, caught up in the moment of each person’s story, moving my heart to joy and sometimes tears. Thank you for caring and sharing as you do personally and with the world. You truly are a credit to this wonderful spiritual work and to your profession. I love having you in our lives. All the best and a hug in thought.”

~Philip Burley
Spiritual and psychic medium, speaker and author of numerous books including: The Gift of Mediumship, The Wisdom of Saint Germaine and A Legacy of Love

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