My Five Wishes for You for the New Year – and Always

  1. When you awaken in the morning, consider offering a simple prayer: I love Life and Life loves me. My heart fills with gratitude for this moment, this day and this journey. Thank you from my heart for all my blessings, including:……………….. Amen
  2. Remember that you came into this lifetime for joy – not pain. You came in to be a Victor – rather than a Victim. Feelings of inadequacy and a poor sense of self- worth and self-esteem belong to the Victim. Feelings of confidently knowing you are here to realize your enormous potential– via the process of gentle love of self, love of others and love of the planet – will bring you joy.

  4. Remember that what you push against or resist the most, will only attract to you more of the same. However, when you choose to LET GO and release your worries, fears and doubts – and decide to unconditionally, gently and lovingly accept what comes onto your path, then, what you most desire will manifest. It is a basic energetic law.

  6. Remember, your gifts of breath and imagery have healing power. As you breathe in, see yourself at peace, watching your breath restore well-being to every cell of your body. On the outbreath, watch your breath releasing the long held pain of your negative thoughts and beliefs. See and feel the peace you have created through your awareness of having just connected with the Universe and Spirit. May this awareness lovingly comfort and nurture you.

  8. Practice doing your best to stay in the present moment – with love for yourself and others. When you become aware of old regrets and pain from the past, say to yourself: I did my best (because when I made those choices, I chose from love).Now I let all this go. In this moment I choose love again and I am doing my best. I choose to live with peace and joy.

The art of living a life filled with peace is based on our ability to remember that we are here for love – and to live completely in the present moment. May 2018 be the year you discover your Truth and the power to heal your life and your soul.

With Much Love,Susan Barbara Apollon~Susan Barbara Apollon

** Just a reminder. If you, or a loved one, has been experiencing the pain of sadness and grief, please check out the brief YouTube messages I created for this time of year.

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