“There are some simple, easily available, and wise choices—all winners!—that you can make in your daily life to brilliantly empower you, fill you with light, and vibrationally shift you to a feel-better place. Chances are, you already engage in many of these high-vibrational experiences without awareness.”

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Dear Friends,

This fall I will be speaking to several groups who are eager to make choices that will enhance their healing potential and achieve peace and well-being. My goal is to enable listeners to know that it is within their power to live a joyous and meaningful life..

If you have an organization, such as a support group, hospital-based group, charitable organization, club of any kind, or perhaps have a podcast seeking contributors and interviewees, I would be glad to share what I’ve learned during my 30 years of clinical psychology practice and research.

This material will inspire, motivate, provide hope and empower your group. Sometimes we’ll laugh. Sometimes we’ll cry. In the end, we ‘ll improve people’s lives. I always bring my passion for life to those with whom I speak. To see my recent and upcoming appearances, please click here.

I look forward to sharing time with you and your group or audience.

Wishing you peace, healing and love,

~Susan Barbara Apollon
©2018 & Beyond