Breast Surgeon, Beth DuPree and Psychologist, Susan Apollon, share with us how to have conversations about transitions – from life to death, and beyond. With warmth, humor and wisdom, they provide guidance regarding how to free the soul of our loved one, prepare for and say our goodbyes, recognize signs from deceased loved ones and let our wishes about our own deaths be known to family members. Based on their personal and clinical experiences, they share true stories that make you laugh and cry. You will not want to miss this special video.

Susan Apollon, M.A. is a PA Licensed Psychologist, PA & NJ Certified School Psychologist, Motivational Speaker, Author and Workshop Leader specializing in Oncology, Grief, Trauma and Energy Psychology Healing Mind, Body and Soul. For more information visit:

Dr. Beth DuPree is a breast cancer surgeon and integrative physician promoting lifestyle modification for breast cancer risk reduction. Passionate about empowering patients! Medical Director of Oncology Service Line of Cancer Centers of Northern Arizona at Northern Arizona Healthcare, in addition to continuing to be a part of Holy Redeemer Health System in Meadowbrook, PA – (overseeing Surgical Services, Integrative Medicine and Wellness and Women’s Health). For more information visit: