Has a Recent Cancer Diagnosis Left You Reeling?

Work One-on-One with Psychologist Susan Apollon


I am honored when an individual diagnosed with cancer chooses me to assist them with their new challenge. I know I am being given both an enormous responsibility as well as a tremendous blessing, for my patients are also my teachers and my role models for strength and resilience. My purpose is to enable patients to find their power and to discover and recover their sense of identity—as well as their resiliency, courage, and the ability to persevere through difficult times. And because most of us do not know how to unconditionally love and accept ourselves, I work to help patients fall in love with themselves; for genuine self-love is the key to empowerment and healing.

My Approach to Therapy

Your well-being is my greatest priority; it encompasses your physical, mental, and emotional health. The approach we take together is integrative in nature, using all resources available to maintain a healthy and functioning immune system. The goal of our sessions—and what I want most for you—is to help you feel balanced and energized, be at peace, and become whole again. Below is an overview of the guiding principles we will utilize as we work together.

We unearth what you are really feeling.

So often, hearing the words “you have cancer” or “your tumor is malignant” turns your world upside down and contributes to your sense that you have lost your grounding, direction, and ability to function. Patients facing a life-threatening illness or those who may be significantly grieving or recovering from trauma need someone they can trust and feel safe with, as they work through complex thoughts and feelings. Together, we explore what you have lost and process what is appropriate and not appropriate for you to be feeling and experiencing at this time.

We work toward empowerment.

In the work we do together—and it is shared work—we pick up the scattered pieces of who you are and put you back together in a way that enhances both your sense of self and power along your cancer journey. This is the work of empowerment. We work gently, but with a heightened awareness of your possibilities and choices, so you can handle the challenges of choosing doctors, treatments, and various therapies. As you share your awareness of what feels right and what does not, we enable you to begin honoring your own intuitive guidance system. Learning to listen to your inner wisdom plays a role not only in your treatment and healing, but in your relationships with family, friends, and the medical community.

We help you shift your perspective.

Healing is an inside job, requiring a sincere and genuine feeling of wanting to know and live freely, peacefully, and feeling you are whole and balanced. The time we spend together teaches you to live consciously by becoming aware of your feelings and thoughts. This change promotes healing from the inside out. Enabling you to shift your perspective—that is, how you view your challenge with cancer—impacts your healing journey. This involves examining how you will choose to perceive your situation: as a strictly negative event, or as an opportunity with positive attributes.

We explore and address your spiritual needs.

We spend time discussing your awareness of your own spiritual needs, as well as the tools and resources that enable you to be conscious of how you are growing your spirit and slowly healing. We share stories of the increased awareness that we are not alone on this journey.

We discover the true nature of healing.

In our sessions, time is devoted to understanding the nature of healing, and to better understanding the role of energy and its relationship to the functioning of your body’s immune system—especially in relation to life-threatening illnesses such as cancer. I teach you therapeutic and energetic tools I have created, learned, and borrowed from other masters during the nearly 30 years I have practiced psychology. These valuable tools enable you to manage the normal anxiety, stress, fears, and concerns that accompany such a challenge. They are a beautiful way in which you can take back your power.

We rekindle your joy and passion for life.

Enabling you to find what brings you joy and passion is so important in our work together. So often, such needs have been put aside or hidden below layers of the need to please or do for others. Together, we reflect on reprioritizing your needs, desires, and passions. Finally, we explore ways in which you can be of service and give back to others in a way that feeds your soul and expedites healing.

We release the past.

In the therapeutic give and take of our sessions, we examine and process everything: past attachments, old wounds, and unresolved issues you have been carrying deep within your being. Throughout our time together, I will assist you in determining what you might wish to release, let go of, detach from, and forgive. In doing so, we will expedite the energetic release that has been impairing much of your body’s healthy flow of energy.

Therapeutic Sessions Tailored to Suit Your Needs

I am available to work with you in both short- and long-term capacities. We can either meet for a series of consultations or in an ongoing therapy relationship. To contact me for an appointment, please click here.